Dixie Darlin Dogs                
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In 1980 we saved our money for 1 year and
bought our first poodle puppy.  She was a
beautiful snow white little sweetheart called
"Princess".  She was so smart that she
house trained  in 2 weeks.  She loved
everybody, especially our 4 young sons.  She
was a perfect size (about 15 pounds grown).
She was a natural performer that loved doing
tricks for all the cub scouts and kids at
We have the March-wind bloodlines on our poodles and Fantasy-land bloodlines on
our Maltese.  The Maltese are beautiful, hypoallergenic, non-shedding and DO NOT
tear ugly stains under the eyes.  These make the most gorgeous designer puppies.
The maltapoos-- One of our first maltapoos went to North Carolina 18 years ago.  
The owner called me to order another maltapoo. One of our beautiful snow white
female maltapoos named Abby was on a TV commercial for over 10 years at
Brocks Jewelry in Madison Alabama.  You may see new jewelry Christmas
commercial with a pretty little darlin maltese named Sophia.